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Kristen Salliewhite - Guidance Counselor

Welcome to Pinecrest Elementary School
Kristen Salliewhite
Guidance Counselor

My name is Kristen Salliewhite and I am the new school counselor at Pinecrest Elementary. My husband and I have two teenage boys, one goes to USC and the other is in the 10th grade. I was born and raised in Indiana but I have been living in South Carolina for the last 20 years. This is my first year in Greenwood 50 and I am excited to meet new people and work together so that we all grow a little more every day. My goal as a school counselor is to make every student that I interact with better in some way. I aim to find every opportunity to brighten their day, encourage them in their education, clarify peer drama, and listen to them. This is going to be a great year at Pinecrest Elementary!

864-941-5581 (phone)